Welcome to Belle Lumiere Australia. Where we are passionate about affordable luxuries that make you and your environment feel loved and special. Our studio is based in the gorgeous Clarence Valley in Northern NSW where everything is hand made with care and attention to detail by me, Sandra..and my little helper, Annalise, my daughter who is 12. We believe in making the best there is, and doing it locally. Each product in our beautiful range is personally hand-made with intention and love by us. 

Passionate about delivering products that are good for you and the environment we combine clean design with sustainable materials. Special attention is made to sourcing premium ingredients from within Australia with our candles being made from 100% soy wax, cotton wicks & phylate-free fragrances that meet all strict RIFM and IFRA standards for safesty and purity. Our luxury bath & body products contain pure ingredients. All our sterling silver jewellery designs are created from recycled sterling silver and are handforged using traditional methods.

How it started:
I have always been passionate about making and designing from a young age I have been surrounded by strong, independent and creative women who could and do almost anything. My grandmother could whip up a magical meal from nothing, turn her hand to arts and crafts and create beautiful sewing, fine crochet and recycle the old into something beautiful when money and resources were scarce. Something that my mum is also a genius at! My dad also posesses creative brilliance and designs and builds in his shed, he can turn his hand to anything…traits I have inherited.

I began my silversmith journey back in 2011 when I wanted to create comfortable affordable jewellery for myself and friends and threw time and energy into learning this craft…that in itself became a thriving little side hustle. Later in 2014 a friend introduced me to candle making and the flame of passion was lit (excuse the pun). I have always loved creating bath and body products and from a young age I would spend time whipping up potions and lotions with my grandma during the school holidays…she was an encylopeidia of crafting knowledge which fuelled an enthusiasm  in me from a young age.

So, in 2018 I have combined all these skills and passions to create Belle Lumiere Australia because we all deserve to have rich full lives surrounded by beauty…I hope that you can find something here knowing it is handmade with love, and will make you feel as special as I know you are…cos your worth it!